Our Ambition is to be the UK's most trusted and recommended advisor.

In fact, we want all our customers, whether they are individuals buying insurance, or brokers selling our bespoke policies, to trust and recommend us.

In order to do this:

  • We will make sure every customer always has insurance that is right for them.
  • We will make the very most of our commitment and knowledge of our people, our range of specialisms, and the breadth and depth of our offer.
  • We will leverage our ability to negotiate the best deals through our scale, relationships and market standing, our national strength and our local expertise to get the very best insurance cover, advice or policy for our customer.

And all of this is backed by our independence and heritage.

What are we?

  • In our customer interactions, we ware reassuringly knowledgeable
  • In our communities we are authentically involved
  • Of our customers we are passionately supportive
  • In our service and advice we are confidently transparent
  • And we are refreshingly easy to do business with