Learner & Young Driver Insurance

Learner & Young Driver Insurance

Part of Towergate, iKube* provides insurance cover for learner and young drivers aged 17-25 years old at a reduced premium. We’re able to achieve this by installing ‘black box’ telematics technology in your car, which gives your selected insurer important data about your driving behaviour. Favourable insurance rates are your reward for driving safely and responsibly.

Another advantage of iKube* Learner Driver Insurance and Young Driver Insurance is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have RAC Advance capabilities on board. This technology informs you if there’s a problem with your car and the action you need to take. Furthermore, if your car happens to break down, RAC patrols automatically know where you are and will be gathering data on their way to you to fix the problem faster.

The insurance you’ll require as a Learner Driver will depend on whose car you are going to learn in. For instance, if you only learn in your driving instructor’s car, you are covered by their insurance. If it’s your own car, you need insurance. If it’s your family’s car, you need to be a named driver on the policy. Simply talk to the team at iKube and we’ll guide you through the various options.

Attention Young Drivers – If you own your own car, or will be the main user of a car owned by your parents, are aged between 17 and 25 years and are looking to be insured within the next 30 days, request a quote by emailing ikube Quotes or call us on 01443 420 611.

Once you become an iKube* customer you get more opportunities to bring the cost of your premiums down and you can even be rewarded with Red Letter Day Vouchers just for recommending us to others. 

Our office is in Tonypandy, South Wales and we can assist you nationwide.

For a free, no obligation quotation and advice about any aspect of Learner Driver Insurance and Young Driver Insurance, call the Towergate iKube team on 01443 420 611 or alternatively arrange a callback to the ikube team or email ikube.quotes@towergate.co.uk

We’re here to help you make the right choices that will in turn help you to drive safe, arrive safe and save money. 


*iKube is a trading name of Towergate Underwriting Group Limited.