During the Covid-19 crisis, we are following UK Government guidance to keep our employees safe and look after our valued clients. Read our articles on support for your business.

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Guidance on Restarting your Business After Lockdown

Guidance on Restarting your Business

As the lockdown restrictions begin to lift across the UK, it has become more and more clear that different sectors are moving at different paces when it comes to reopening businesses safely, in addition to the fact that all four countries are not issuing the same guidance.

At this time, many businesses are excited at the prospect of being able to reopen following 13 weeks of lockdown. However, this excitement should not dilute the importance of businesses only opening when it is safe to do so, both for employees and members of the public. Their duty of care is as important as it ever has been.

Our recent bulletin went into detail around the risk control measures and guidance on how to work safely, with practical guidance around working safely when re-opening businesses.

Sector-specific guidance for restarting your business after lockdown

In addition to the general health and safety obligations businesses have, there are also sector-specific considerations that need to be taken into account. As a result, our insurer partner Allianz has produced sector specific guidance around re-starting businesses, taking into account the different considerations that each sector will have.

Here you can see their tailored guidance for the following sectors:

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