Staff mental health and wellbeing

2022 Predictions

2022 predictions – staff mental health and wellbeing

The pandemic has seen changes to businesses not just in the UK but globally, with new hybrid working practices continuing to be become the normal, with less time working closely with colleagues in an office environment, potentially giving rise to concerns around mental health and wellbeing, while trying to keep up with new technology to support and improve the new work/life balance.

Skills shortages and staff availability due to illness will need to be managed well across all sectors, making sure continued engagement and development in staff training is maintained, promoting safety culture and wellbeing for new staff which will be critical in making sure workers remain safe, as failure to manage basic health and safety can lead to an increase in workplace accidents.

This will need to be supported by increased occupational health management of staff, ensuring areas such as mental health first aid and awareness training is further promoted in 2022, especially with the new hybrid working practices continuing to be normal practice across all business sectors.

About the authorSimon Broome SIIRSM Tech IOSH - Risk Management Specialist

Simon Broome SIIRSM Tech IOSH has over 25 years' experience around risk management, honed through his industry background and working on operating software and management systems. He is a Specialist Member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management and a Technical Member of IOSH, and also holds the NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management.

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