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5 steps to prep your business for flooding

5 steps to prep your business for flooding

Each year, our partners at FloodFlash take the best data available to establish the threat that flooding poses to UK businesses. The resources they draw upon include industry leading data from their partners at the Ordnance Survey and JBA as well as the hugely helpful open-source data available from the Environment Agency.

FloodFlash surveyed 500 financial decision makers either at risk of flooding, or worried about the risk of flooding and 200 insurance brokers to find out what they think. Of businesses surveyed, 73% worry about flooding as a threat to the UK economy. But there are options to protect against that threat. There are some simple steps you can make to take responsibility for your risk, many of which don’t cost a thing.

  1. Research the flood risk for your business

A search on the site is a good place to start if you want more information. A flood risk assessment can also give a more specific view for your property.

  1. Register for flood warnings

Sign up for the government’s free service online. Get email or text alerts sent whenever your business is threatened by flooding.

  1. Create a flood plan

Planning what stock or equipment you need to move, and who within your organisation is responsible for moving it, is a great way to limit the impact of a flood. The Environment Agency has some great tips on how to create a flood plan.

  1. Establish what resilience measures you might benefit from

If you find out that you are at a high risk and can’t move important commercial assets, it’s time to think about resilience measures. Many companies that provide these services offer free surveys to establish what you might need. Need a recommendation? Just get in touch with

  1. Get insurance cover

It might seem obvious, but many businesses still have large excesses or go without cover entirely. FloodFlash pays claims in hours and provides quotes regardless of your flood history. Talk to your broker or visit to get started.

The risks

Over 436,000 commercial properties in Britain have at least a low flood risk. That’s 27% (over a quarter) of the total commercial properties. Of those with some level of flood risk, almost 300,000 (18% of the total) have what FloodFlash would define as a moderate risk.

The cohort of properties at significant risk is over 236,000. In other words, if you have a flood risk at your business, it’s more likely to be a moderate or significant risk than a low risk.

Read the FloodFlash 2022 Commercial Risk Report to find out more.

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