Does your Business have one of these Four Vulnerabilities?

Does your Business have one of these Four Vulnerabilities?

Has your business:

  • Suffered increased costs of production due to inflation?
  • Been forced to borrow more money than usual because of steep business costs?
  • Secured a loan against its commercial property?
  • Faced higher than usual interest rates when borrowing?

Then our sister company Towergate Health & Protection advise that business protection might be able to help.

Various business protection solutions can help provide the financial means to help your business:

  1. Deal with the financial impact of the unexpected absence of a key person.
  2. Support the family of a non-working, critically ill, or deceased employee.
  3. Ensure continuity of your business if a key person dies.
  4. Pay off loans in the event a business owner or key person dies or becomes seriously ill.

What’s more, business protection can be arranged in a tax efficient manner, with some businesses qualifying for corporation tax relief as an allowable business expense.

If you think your business is vulnerable or might be in the future and you’d like to change that, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with your usual Towergate advisor who can put you in touch with our Health & Protection colleagues.