Summer activities on a budget

Summer activities on a budget

Our sister company, Towergate Health & Protection, suggest that being on a budget doesn’t have to limit your summer fun. There are still plenty of ways you can enjoy yourself – for free or for a small fee.

1. Farmers’ market

This is one of those activities that you might find you enjoy for the ‘feel’ and ‘atmosphere’ rather than for what you can buy. It’s true that farmers’ markets are full of fresh, organic, and quality-made produce, but they’re also great for window-shopping, having a chat with one of the vendors, and enjoying the outdoor space.

2. Visit a farm

There are farms dotted all over the place, many of them designated petting farms that allow you to interact with the animals and feed them. If they have an entrance fee, normally it’s only a small one. Simply head to Google Maps to find your local farm.

3. Go for a picnic

Take a blanket, your favourite snacks and drinks, and go for a picnic somewhere scenic. This option also allows you to use up any extra food. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can always have your picnic somewhere you’ve never been before, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

4. Visit your local heritage site

The UK boasts no small number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so named because they have some sort of cultural or historic significance. You can visit many World Heritage Sites for free, but others you can access for a small fee.

5. Create a scrapbook

Why not commemorate your summer by creating a scrapbook? You can personalise it however you like, and you’ll be able to look back on it in the future. Plus, you can take pleasure in the fact that you’re getting stuck into an activity that has nothing to do with technology or screens.