Wales: Driving change for slower, safer streets

In September 2023, the Welsh Government implemented 20mph speed limits on all residential streets throughout Wales. This move is part of the Welsh Assembly’s ‘Go Safe’ campaign and aims to reduce road casualties, enhance road safety, and increase walking and cycling activity.

In addition to introducing new speed limits, the Welsh Government is investing in cycling infrastructure, providing grants to local authorities for road safety improvements, and launching an awareness campaign on the hazards of speeding.

The new speed limit applies to all motor vehicles and will be enforced through a combination of signage, speed cameras, and increased police patrols. Motorists who are caught driving more than the 20mph limit could face fines, points on their licence, and even a driving ban.

A recent public health study[1] estimated that the 20mph default speed limit could result in: 

  • 40% fewer collisions
  • saving 6 to 10 lives every year
  • and avoiding 1200 to 2000 people being injured every year.

The Welsh Assembly has taken this step to improve the safety of all road users in Wales and are confident that the new speed limit will make Welsh roads both safer and more pleasant for all road users. 

Reactions to the introduction of a 20mph speed limit in Wales have been varied. Some are supportive, acknowledging the necessity of improving road safety and reducing accidents, whereas others are apprehensive of the possible drawbacks. It is yet to be seen if other areas of the UK will follow the precedent set by Wales.

To learn more about the introduction of 20mph speed limits in Wales, visit the Welsh Government website: 

Check the interactive map that shows every part of Wales that will be subject to the Welsh Government's new 20mph speed limit law: 

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[1] Jones, S., Brunt, H. 2017 Twenty miles per hour speed limits: a sustainable solution for public health problems in Wales, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health,