Architects Insurance

Architecture and construction are sectors which contain significant levels of risk. Disputes are frequent, long lasting, and complex. This highlights the importance for specialist Professional Indemnity expertise, supported by proactive risk management strategies. Our architects insurance is backed by the quality of our service, extensive experience in the sector, and expert advice and support. This is enhanced by our buying power in the market as one of the UK’s largest brokers.

Key features (and benefits) of our architects insurance

Our policies are designed to offer you complete peace of mind in a high-risk industry. You can be rest assured that you are protected and best advised when it comes to the business of building. In summary, some of our architects insurance key features and benefits are;

  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation - leading to safer working conditions and lower premiums
  • Public Liability - to legally (and medically) protect you, your workers and members of the public should an incident occur
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - to protect you legally and reputationally should your services be deemed inadequate or disputes occur
  • Claims Consulting – to analyse past claims and ensure that you get the best possible outcome on future claims
  • Claims Support – to get claims settled as quickly and easily as possible
  • Educational Support – to empower our clients with legal knowledge

 Some of these key features are described in more detail below.

Broking expertise for architects

Part of our role is to acquire the best value for our customers – this is a combination of coverage and premium costs. With the buying power achieved by being part of one of the UK’s largest brokers, we are able to offer our clients a wide range of architects insurance policies, policy options and add-ons. This way, you can customise your insurance to suit the particular needs of your business. In addition to this, we are able to achieve savings as a result of the extra work we put in – these savings being passed on to our customers.

Furthermore, our specialist knowledge enables us to highlight the way clients manage risk, the sectors they are working in, and analysis of the work undertaken and risks arising there from. Not only will this ensure a safer work environment, but it will lead to fewer claims, eventually a better claims history and, ultimately, lower architects insurance premiums.

Contract Review Services

We have a team of Insurance Brokers providing advice to our clients from a Professional Indemnity coverage perspective. This could include issues such as Construction Appointments, Duty of Care Warranties, and Novation Agreements, as well as Public Liability disputes. We recognise that for this service to operate effectively, we must provide our clients with clear, expert advice in order for them to clearly understand complex issues with complete peace of mind. We also ensure a quick turnaround of documents to enable them to operate their business efficiently. We focus on the architects insurance while you get back to building.

Claims Consulting and Support

Towergate Insurance Brokers have a highly experienced in-house claims department who are committed to making the claims process as simple as possible. We can also advise on how clients are addressing any claims issues and how they have reacted to the claim in terms of changes within procedures, laws, etc. This will provide you with the time and energy to get on with your day job.

Our key individuals have many years of experience and manage claims and circumstances from the point of notification onwards. As part of our architects insurance, we will provide the support you need in negotiating, mediating, and working with insurers and lawyers to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Educational Support

We frequently provide our customers with internal briefings in relation to emerging risk, changes to legislation, claims examples and many other issues. We can also undertake internal seminars for clients, educating staff on managing risk, how professional indemnity works and the claims process.

Not only does this empower our customers with legal knowledge, but it also helps to achieve our number one objective. This is to become an integral part of our clients’ businesses in terms of managing, controlling, and protecting their professional risks. We are on your team.

Additional Features of our Services

In addition to the key features and benefits mentioned above, our architects insurance also includes the advantages of;

  • Face to face meetings throughout the year whether in person or via the internet
  • A dedicated team available to handle your account which includes an account director, account manager and claims handler
  • Policy wording reviews
  • Global/International support as required
  • Specialist Health and Safety team to reduce the likelihood of claims
  • Competitive premiums to save you money
  • Instalment facilities to spread the cost of your premiums to free up capital

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With a team of over 30 specialists across offices in Manchester and London, we have established a significant presence in the construction sector acting for a wide range of construction professions.