Aircraft and Aviation Insurance

Our experienced brokers can place aircraft and aviation insurance for risks from single engine private aircraft through to airfields and airports. We are also able to cover the associated businesses who may find it difficult to source insurance due to their work being airside or due to the safety critical nature of the products they produce.

What does aviation insurance cover?

Our aircraft insurance experts are able to provide tailored solutions for a variety of aviation-associated risks, including:

  • Commercial fixed-wing and rotor-wing operators
  • Private fixed-wing and rotor-wing operators
  • Corporate jets
  • Airport owners and operators
  • Maintenance providers, refuellers, manufacturers and contractors
  • Aviation hull all-risks, spares and liabilities
  • Premises, products and hangar keepers legal liability
  • Airport liability
  • Airside liability

Features of aviation and aircraft insurance

Features of aviation insurance include the following.

Aircraft liability insurance

Typically covers bodily injuries to passengers and third parties and property damage to third parties. 

Aircraft hull insurance

Covers physical damage to the airplane.

Hangar keepers' liability insurance

Provides coverage for damage to or destruction of the aircraft of others while in the insured's custody for storage, repair, or safekeeping and while in or on the scheduled premises

Aviation products' liability

Generally excluded from most standard liability covers, we offer cover specifically for manufacturers and distributors supplying products to the aviation industry.

Airside liability insurance

Most standard public liability policies will contain an exclusion relating to airports and aerodromes within their definition of high risk locations. We can provide the cover necessary.

When working airside a company or individual has a far greater public liability exposure due to the high value equipment they encounter and the potential for bodily injury should an accident occur. This is often a requirement of working within what is defined as “airside” where access will be restricted.

Aviation and aircraft insurance from Towergate

At Towergate we have experience of placing a wide variety of aviation and associated risks within both the UK and worldwide insurance market, including Lloyd's of London, so we are able to get the right cover at the right price.

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