Coffee Shop Insurance

Our coffee shop insurance is designed to be flexible to the needs of your business, to provide the best cover for you. We can offer:

  • Business interruption protection
  • Stock and contents cover
  • Entertainment and events insurance
  • Cover for coffee shop equipment

We can help insure items such as business equipment, electrical equipment, heating and cooling systems in addition to your business interruption and liability covers.

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Liability cover through coffee shop insurance

You can’t overlook the risk of injury or disease to employees at your coffee shop – as a business owner you are legally required to ensure you’re covered.

Visitors to your venue and your employees working away from your coffee shop can also leave you exposed to claims from third parties. Our liability covers complement our property and management liability, to provide seamless cover.

Our public, products and employers’ liability extensions, written by established insurers, include:

  • Limits of up to £10 million
  • Loss of license cover – protect your income if the authorities suspend or revoke a license you need to trade
  • Legal expenses protection – cover against the risk of making or defending a legal action

Tailored coffee shop insurance

You can add a range of optional cover to your coffee shop insurance policy, including:

  • Professional indemnity – cover for financial losses to third parties as a result of your activities
  • Personal accident and illness
  • Crisis containment – protect your reputation when trouble strikes
  • Liability for additional activities including outside events
  • Cancellation and abandonment of events – to protect your financial investment in events you hold
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Cover for additional licensed trade and business premises in addition to your coffee shop

Coffee shop insurance including cyber cover

All businesses rely on IT infrastructure in order to increase their efficiency and improve their productivity, meaning cyber and data security breaches can be so damaging – particularly for a customer-facing business such as your coffee shop.

Cyber and data cover can be included in your coffee shop insurance, especially to protect you against hacking of customer payment card information you process.

Business protection with your coffee shop insurance

When disaster strikes, a quick effective response can be vital to keep your coffee shop in business. Large losses can be complex and need assistance from experts.

In the event of a loss your insurers will instruct a loss adjuster; but this individual will work on behalf of and represent the best interests of the insurer. However, business protection with our coffee shop insurance covers the costs of an independent loss adjuster to help with the preparation, negotiation and settlement of your material damage and business interruption claims. This helps ensure that the entire process is handled quickly, fairly and without unnecessary stress.

Our Towergate Assist business protection service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and gives you telephone advice and assistance for all claims, plus a personal visit on all major losses likely to exceed your policy excess or £5,000 (whichever is the greater).

Directors and officers cover with your coffee shop insurance

This cover protects the personal wealth of you, the director and any other management staff from the legal costs and awards in defending against civil, criminal and regulatory claims or investigations.

Employment practices liability covers both you, the directors and the business from claims from potential, current and former employees alleging breach of contract/employment law.

Corporate legal liability protects against claims made against both the directors and officers and your coffee shop business itself. This cover protects the legal entity (business) from defence costs incurred relating to civil, regulatory claim or investigation.

Why should I include management liability cover with my coffee shop insurance? 

Your coffee shop company’s assets/funds will not be able to help you defend claims made against you and it is very unlikely that your standard commercial insurance policy will have any protection for you either. The ramifications for you, your family and subsequently the business could be catastrophic.

Possible outcomes of not being able to defend a claim include: 

  • Disqualification as a business director
  • Criminal prosecution
  • A custodial sentence
  • Personal bankruptcy
  • Loss of Job and business reputation
  • Family trauma and financial hardship


Tea room insurance

We can also provide insurance for tea rooms.

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