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The esports competitive gaming industry is thriving and with annual revenues exceeding £1 billion and audiences reaching over 500 million people, it’s crucial to ensure the right cover is in place. Our experts are here to help.

Why do I need gaming insurance?

esports is revolutionising the global cybersports and gaming industry. It’s creating a host of opportunities for businesses and individuals, but with seemingly endless new prospects also comes a fair amount of risk and exposure.

With rapid expansion and as brands pile into a sector that operates in an immature, vague and untested legal landscape and regulatory environment, there is the potential for the perfect storm.

Esports and gaming insurance features

We can provide a range of covers as part of esports and gaming insurance to keep you and your business protected.

Property loss or damage

The kit at an eSports event is often unique, with customised technical equipment and bespoke data. Property insurance can essentially cover all the property that you decide needs to be insured and this can include specialist equipment and infrastructure.

Esports intellectual property insurance 

Advertising and merchandise opportunities must comply with endorsement regulations. Any brand, product, software or item with intellectual property rights (including copyrights, trademarks, patents and licensing agreements) will need protecting.

As esports are generally broadcast to fans, various parties will work with a game’s intellectual property. Some of these will use the content without permission from the publishers and other content owners, others will have obtained the correct licenses. The fluidity of this landscape will mean that eventually, legal disputes will arise to manage and control intellectual property rights, infringement issues and brand messaging.

Contracts should be put in place for platforms and broadcasters for online streaming rights, as well as sponsorship agreements, as these can be broken without contractual obligations.

Employers' liability cover for esports companies

Most players and teams will hold esports contracts, which could create a potentially exposure for employers’ liability.

Cover for esports governing bodies

There are many governing bodies for esports and gaming and this landscape will grow and shift as the industry develops. Each governing body will have its own rules and framework in place that will be implemented over time, and our cover can help protect you against potential negative consequences from rapid development in this changing environment.

Cyber and crime insurance for gaming organisations

Given the environment in which esports operates, data security related to player data is a significant concern. Equally, system damage leading to failure of transmission of events needs consideration, particularly given the potential audience reach. Cyber events could give rise to losses in this industry, but our cyber cover can help protect you and your gaming business.

Events cancellation insurance for gaming organisations

No matter how much thought has gone into organising an event, sometimes powers outside of our control lead to cancellation. Events and contingency cover for gaming and esports, including cancellation, curtailment and liability, can cover: 

  • Financial losses
  • Hiring costs
  • Unexpected low attendee figures
  • Ticket sales
  • Reputation damage control
  • Venue costs

Holding an event also comes a liability risk, where if someone trips and falls at your event, even if they’re just passing by, they could become a claimant. Similarly, if your event causes some sort of permanent damage to your hired venue, you need to be prepared to face the costs.

Event liability insurance is designed for each individual event so we can ensure that your needs are met.

Mergers and acquisitions (transaction liability)

eSports teams and gaming developers are often looking for significant investment or sponsorship. This can often lead to them being acquired or entering mergers. Conversely, the larger players are often highly acquisitive.

This can create a risk and therefore insurance exposure that a buyer could bring litigation against a seller. We can offer a range of solutions to reduce the impact of liabilities arising from M&A transactions, for example tax consequences, contingent liability claims and any warranty breaches. 

Esports and gaming insurance FAQs

Can you cover game developers?

Yes, we can provide cover for esports and game developers, including professional indemnity cover.

Can you cover online gaming and gambling played for stakes?


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