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Latent Defects Insurance

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Latent defect insurance is a cover taken out for new build commercial and residential premises. It is designed to cover defects which manifest within the structure after practical completion.

Why do I need latent defects insurance?

Also known as New Home Warranties, Latent Defects Insurance is required by the Council of Mortgage Lenders for all new build residential open market sales. 

There are often faults and defects caused by failures in design, workmanship or materials throughout the construction process and may not be detected for many years after the completion date. Our specialists are on hand to assist with the complexities in arrange the right cover for you.

These defects can be extremely expensive to rectify and the Latent Defects Insurance offers protection to homeowners.

What does latent defects insurance cover?

We can accommodate the following types of risks:

  • Commercial and Residential buildings
  • New Builds and renovations
  • Conversions, extensions and Refurbishments
  • Grade 1, 2 Listed Buildings and Hotels
  • Permitted Developments
  • Private Rental Sector and social Housing
  • Student Accommodation
  • Retrospective

Key features of our latent defects insurance

Cover will be provided for 10 years from the issue of the building control completion certificate (12 year polices are available if requested).

A standard policy will cover the structure and weatherproofing but this can be extended to include non-structural elements such as component failure, mechanical and electrical services and business interruption.

We are a one stop shop for all your Latent Defect Insurance and site requirements. Key features include:

  • Simplified process to accommodate your project requirements.
  • Accommodating flexible payment terms to suit your needs
  • Market knowledge
  • A dedicated specialist on hand from start to finish

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