Media Production Insurance

Traditionally, professional indemnity has been the domain of construction and legal professions; architects, engineers, solicitors, financial institutions, etc; protecting them against errors or omissions in the advice and consultation they provide.

Professional Indemnity for Media, Marketing and Production Companies

The media and production industries have grown, exponentially, to a point now where there is a substantial market for advertising, film, broadcast and corporate events. As a result, we now find that advertising agencies, production companies, post-production houses and event organisers all have a responsibility to uphold which, when things go wrong, can lead to large financial losses.

Why choose Towergate Professional Indemnity

Towergate Professional Indemnity has a deep understanding of the media market and work closely with our clients to secure the most comprehensive professional indemnity policies; protecting against the often intangible losses that relate to the media industry.

We understand that it can sometimes be frustrating to explain the variety of activities your business may be involved in and so, with experience in the media industry, we can directly relate to the way our clients work on a day-to-day basis. This helps us to secure the competitive premiums and broad and relevant coverage, which enables our clients to get on with their work with peace of mind and security.

We have access to leading insurers in the market, with expert claims and legal teams, who can provide advice on the various aspects of cover required and how this can help in the event of a claim. Our ability to negotiate with a variety of insurers at quote stage allows us to present you with a range of options, so that you can consider the balance of premium and cover and what is suitable for your business, with the help of our brokers.