Towergate is proud to be part of Ardonagh Advisory – the broking and advisory platform of The Ardonagh Group.

From 22 March 2022 our legal entity name has therefore changed to ‘Advisory Insurance Brokers Limited’.

Performance Bonds

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Towergate has been providing Performance bonds for over 10 years. Performance Bonds are financial instruments of Guarantee.

They are usually used to provide a guarantee to one company, (the Beneficiary), against another (the Principal) defaulting on its contractual obligations. Many principal contractors now require a performance bond from their sub-contractors before awarding them a contract.

We offer a confidential and personal service, usually involving a Client visit to get the best supporting information and ensure you get the right terms or even to set up an ongoing facility. 

Types of Performance Bonds include:

  • Performance
  • Retention
  • Advance Payments
  • Road and Sewer
  • Restoration
  • Duty Deferment
  • VAT Guarantee

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