Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance


We live in a world where the risk of terrorism is ever present, yet property insurance policies are not designed specifically with this exposure in mind, leaving businesses exposed to uncertainty and potentially catastrophic business interruption.

In response to this emerging insurance need, Towergate Insurance Brokers offers a policy that provides broad cover, a simple application process and competitive pricing. Terrorism and Sabotage  Insurance protects against political, religious and ideological acts and includes cover for damage to premises, business interruption, prevention or restriction of access to premises and utilities, as well as loss of income, including rental income.

Key Features:

Terrorism and Sabotage is an innovative insurance product that covers businesses for acts of terrorism or sabotage. Features include:

  • Underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s
  • Follow form wording covering key extensions offered by the underlying property policy
  • 125% day one uplift
  • Clear definitions of "Acts of Terrorism" & "Acts of Sabotage"
  • Ideological acts of political, religious motivation covered
  • No "Non Selection" rule - ability to insure single or multiple locations under one policy
  • Coverage includes damage to your premises as well as loss of income and extra expenses due to business interruption. Including

Many property policies leave a grey area around acts of terrorism and sabotage. Yet the need for insuring against terrorism and sabotage risks under a standalone policy has never been greater. The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is severe, while levels for Northern Ireland-related threats are identified as severe in Northern Ireland and substantial in Britain (England, Scotland, Wales). With this type of terrorism being so well-publicised it’s easy to forget that threats originate from a variety of sources such as animal rights, pro-life and other radical activism groups. The policy we offer provides broad and flexible coverage specific to an individual  client’s exposure to these threats and their business needs, with a clear and concise policy trigger. 

Limits, deductibles and Premiums

  • No limit for total insured values
  • Nil deductible as standard


The policy is backed up by a top-level service offering featuring: 

  • Same day or 24 hour quotations provided as standard
  • Most policies issued within 24 hours of binding 


For more information or to obtain a quote, contact Robin Gleeson, Business Director at Towergate Insurance Brokers in Hemel Hempstead:

T: 01442 281 236 | M: 078 4199 6624

E: robin.gleeson@towergate.co.uk