Being underinsured is like lighting a fuse under your business.

Together, we can stamp out the chances of disaster.

underinsurance and its dangers

Your business is too important to risk losing it. So, it’s vital to ensure you have the right levels of insurance to protect your business in the event of a claim.

Underinsurance remains a hot topic across the UK, indeed the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) themselves have warned of ‘alarming levels of underinsurance’*. At Towergate we have always offered advice & support to mitigate the risks but in a fast-moving world with an ever changing geopolitical and legal environment, alongside several other economic, social & technological factors, the need for regular reviews has never been greater.

To offer additional support and to raise further awareness in this area we have put together a short animation, information sheets, and question/answer sets (aligned to three common areas of underinsurance).

Together, we can stamp out the dangers of underinsurance.

*Business Times, Jan 2017

Common areas of underinsurance

Watch our short video to help you understand some of the common areas of underinsurance.

Below are three common areas where underinsurance can be found, please click on the areas listed that are relevant to your business to find out more.

Buildings Insurance 

Icon of building with a fuse beneath it
Getting the rebuilding value wrong can result in reduced claims payments on partial losses as well as total loss claims. Without the right levels of cover you are also risking long delays in claims settlements which could impact your business severely.

Find out more about Buildings insurance.


Business Interruption Insurance

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The costs of getting your business back up and running after a serious interruption could be crippling. The risks relate to both the limit of cover, and also the length of the indemnity period chosen, getting one or both wrong could have a significant impact on your ability to continue trading.

Find out more about Business interruption insurance.


Liability Insurance

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It’s recommended that standard policy limits of liability are reviewed regularly taking into consideration any changes in the legal landscape and taking all potential costs and expenses into consideration when calculating a potential loss.

Find out more about Liability insurance.


Being underinsured is like lighting a fuse under your business.

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